TV & Video Activation On A Whole Other Level

We provide a unique approach by combining our proprietary technology with deep data, non-stop strategic think-through, and expert personnel. The result: Brand Performance and outcome-oriented solutions for every advertiser.

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The Big Five

Defining KPI

It’s different for everyone, so we let clients define the outcomes that TV and video should drive; whether it’s visits, sign-ups, leads, calls, app downloads or brand lift.

Machine Learning

ML allows models to adapt appropriately and independently. Using the collected data, we build a series of response functions that link inputs (media) and outputs (response).


Using the ML results, we optimize your spending, subject to constraints like budget, day of the week, geography, creative, unit length, and more.

Continuous Feedback

Adapting is the key to success today. We feed in new data, and constantly re-optimize, acclimating to changing audience behaviors and media variables.

Prediction & Management

Based on the optimization, we forecast KPI outcomes and enable fast, free scenario modeling.

Advertise. Customize. Optimize.

Video optimization: Passive vs. Dynamic.

The traditional way (see: antiquated) was to use demographics, geographics, psychographics and TV schedules to optimize buys. JuiceMedia.IO’s Optimization Tool is one of the most advanced platforms of its kind. It enables you to read and improve brand performance with ML-driven algorithms that learn over time and measure performance specific to your brand and prospects. The analysis is based on real consumer behavior data, not outdated profiling. What’s more, it quickly identifies high and low performers, and recommends adjustments by network and daypart.